On Art und Netart in Frankfurt 1996 - 2002

Why to stay in Frankfurt?

Posted by Stefan Beck on Monday, April 22, 1996
Friends do often ask me: Why do stay in Frankfurt?, this is not an art-town, there´re no galleries, no cultural activies, nothing but bank-towers and business-malls.
But that´s exactly what I like about Frankfurt. The absence of "real art" indicates to me that this is the place of real power. Take Berlin for example, a town which many people consider to be friendly to art and artists ("a lot of atmosphere...", the opposite to Frankfurt. But this kind of "atmosphere" is nothing but fake; they simply let art grow there, because it does no harm, and the real power is elsewhere. In Frankfurt, people feel art as a real threat, that´s why banks AND police are so crazy about it. . Because "art is lost in this town" (Staehle) it´s the only place where art can exist.
Second, if we´re going to succeed in an armed uprise here, we gonna get them all. Frankfurt is the secret economical and political center of Germany. There is no place like the capital Bonn, where you´ll find that many high ranking business executives like in Frankfurt. As this republic is owned by banks and the banks reside in Frankfurt (in downtown, not in the green belts around), once you get Frankfurt, you´ll get all. Berlin is a place where big companies and foreign countries love to sent their representatives, but Frankfurt is the place where they make decisions. So as an artist who is conscious about power Frankfurt is really the right place.

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