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Chris Burden Exhibition at MAK Vienna

Posted by Stefan Beck on %PM, %673 %CET, %1996
Having just returned from Vienna from my latest "Radio-Show " I´m still very impressed from the Chris Burden Show at MAK (Museum for applied Arts).
The center of the show was an installation called "The flying steamroller". It´s a huge mechanical installation which is able to lift a 12 ton yellow Navy steamroller (from 1968) several feet in the air and force it silentlessly into a circle course through the exhibition space. It´s hard to describe, and I didn´t believe it until the demonstration which take place every two hours. A guy from the museum climbs the steamroller, starts its engine, drives it along its round course, and from the centripodal forces the steamroller is lifted into the air! Fantastic!!

Guest schrieb dazu am %PM, %622 %CET, %2002


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