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Radio X-MIX

Posted by Stefan Beck on Monday, May 20, 1996
For a lot of people nothing new, but for Frankfurt a middle-sized earthquake - the new 10-day license for a local radio broadcast station called "Radio X-MIX".
The introduction of private radio stations into the till then state controlled broadcasting marked nealry 10 years ago had to be bought by the private providers (allways big media trusts like Bertelsman, which is the second-largest media group of the world! No joke.) with a promise by the politicians to allow local radiostations for the cities and neighborhoods. A promise which they were very very very reluctanct to bring into reality. Soon after the change of the law in 1986 there was in Frankfurt a group called Radio X which operated the first pirate radio station in the city, which never got any chance beside a tiny show from local exhibition hall Portikus. Now and the you had to call your programm "art" to receive a licence. "art" may seem as something harmless, or crazy or nuts.
So it took a 10 year struggle for several pressure groups to run into a kind of competition for one frequency which will be allowed from next year on to operate within the limits of the city of Frankfurt. This 10 days by Radio X-MIX has to be regarded as a share or test run in this occasion. It´s not for free altogether. X-MIX has to pay around 5000$ for the right to gon on air! (10 days while private corporation make millions by state benignity for nearly ten years!!)
Afterall, it finally happened. They´re on air for the first time, and I´m really excited about it. It´s local radio from local people for local people, and since it´s nearly the whole community contributing to it, you´ll hear a familiar voice every day. I think it´s very important that we´ll have an Internet representation here as well, but it´s more static, and people can hear the radio everywhere, at work, at home, in the car. It´s really a dynamic thing. It should have an Internet transmission but that was too sophisticated although they could have used the server capabilities of the institute for new media here. Next time.

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