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Save our night II

Posted by Stefan Beck on Monday, June 17, 1996
Don´t tell me that there´s "Nothing going on" here in Frankfurt. Last Thursday night (6/14) we saw a magnificent night protest march against the law and order policy of the City of Frankfurt´s government. (You remember: independent party-makers are not wellcome here in a city of banks and trusts. They want a clean and sober culture for the upper-classes in their BMWs, Armani suits and Taunus condominiums. Not few of those who disobeyed the rules have been severely prosecuted.)
Organized by the 'czar' of the underground nightlife Hans Romanov, and Markus Halbe some 1000 people had followed their invitation to join up for an illegal gathering.

Starting at 0:00 AM from Moselstrasse in the city´s redlight district they headed toward downtown accompanied by DJ systems hooked up on several trucks (playing House, Jungle, Dub and Hip Hop) took a big circle through the central shopping areas and finally stopped at the Opernplatz for a big party in front of the Alte Oper (Old Opera House, Frankfurt´s 19th century opera house, for a long time a WW II ruin, then costly reconstructed during the 80´s boom, now a concert hall) whose slogan above the main entrance: "Dem Wahren, Schoenen, Guten" (For the True, Beautiful, Right) ironically reflected the party-thirsty dancers and ravers who stayed there till the early morning, carefully surrounded and protected by the police.

I found it a stunning experience - while dancing to some hot tunes - to see the sun rising between the corporates´ scyscrapers, some siver beams pointing to a nightly sky and turning fierly red when hit by the sun.

Heil Foster. Heil Ungers. Heil Sparkasse.

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