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Nightlife saves all

Posted by Stefan Beck on Monday, July 29, 1996
As Frankfurt is always good for a party (WATCH OUT 4 FLYERS!!!!!) and people are eager to check out new and unusual locations we´d become witnesses of the second event under the pedestrian tunnel system beneath the Eschenheimer Turm road cross(last Saturday, 27.7.96).

This is one of the ugliest surfaces in town, where we have free traffic day in day out and all others (pedestrians and cyclists) are banned to use this underground channels, hopefully leading you from one end to the other.
So it might have been a cheerful opportunity for architect Ite Deutsch to work with this location in a seria of events.

Because the problem is - we´re heirs of the 70s traffic mania (craziness - there´s really no superlative which could hold this phenomenon), in which everything had been done to reserve free space for the cars and push everyone else underground, that these unpleasant underground tunnels and system have become - without proper care due to the towns financial misery - broadly devasted, homes of bums and drug-dealers and other species of which the clean public thinks they better don´t belong there. Why it´s the only consequence of all these planning failures.

Now, what can we do with these places? Nightlife saves all. Since the first Ästhetik und Gewalt (Aesthetics and violence) event by the 707 society four years ago down in the Rossmarkt passway there´s been a club owner´s intitiative to turn this location permanentely into a dancehall.

As I´ve heard Ite Deutsch had better ideas for the Eschenheimer Turm system, which is also euphemistically called "B-Ebene" (B-Level) - for A is the street - , but for so far the second event had finally evolved as a party (PARTY).

It´s fun to be underground, and it´s secure, because we have security now. (The last time people have been menaced by drug-dealers being propelled from their natural selling grounds) But we have no ideas what to do with this place. At the first event artist Manfred Stumpf should have dealt with it. But neither he nor his students from Offenbach showed up. This time the architectural class from local Städelschule was asked for a contribution. And all thes did was to hang thousands of flowers from the ceiling. Art deco was the last thing I´d need for a place like this.

I see no hope for the next events but to party on and on an on. All brainless here change PC for CP (= correct party).

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